Specialeprojekt i Veterinær Farmakologi

Master thesis at Veterinary Pharmacology

Our research group consists of one professor, three Ph.D. students and one laboratory technician. We are seeking one student to conduct their master thesis at our group in the following project:

Working title: Effect of recurrent hypoglycaemia on electrocardiographic changes in the healthy Göttingen Minipig

Research area: Experimental animal models of diabetes complications.

Background and aim: Hypoglycaemia is the most common adverse effect of insulin treatment and can lead to increased risk of cardiac mortality in people with diabetes. Impaired awareness of hypoglycaemia can occur in persons experiencing recurrent hypoglycaemia. The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of recurrent hypoglycaemia on electrocardiographic changes seen during insulin-induced hypoglycaemia in the Göttingen Minipig as a translational model of the human condition.

Work tasks: We seek a dedicated master student that will help with the experimental work, data collection and data analysis, in particular analysis of electrocardiographic recordings. The master student must participate in practical experimental work that will be conducted April-May 2022 at Novo Nordisk A/S, Ganløse. The work is conducted over a period of four weeks. Laboratory animal course EU function AD is a requirement.

Through this project, the master student will gain hands-on experience with laboratory pigs, animal model development and sampling from live animals as well as learning how to do research in collaboration with the pharma industry.

The master student can have any life science background relevant to the study.


Start of project: March-April 2022

Supervisors: Professor Lisbeth Høier Olsen and Ph.D. fellow Mille Kronborg Lyhne


For more information, please contact Mille (mille@sund.ku.dk).